Erin (riversofsound) wrote in divine_designs,

What the heck is a keyword?

Keyword "howto"

Ever notice how some users use a different picture for each post? Do you want to know how? No? Then skip this.

This post is a short tutoral on Userpic keywords. This is imporant because this community requires you to credit the icon maker in your keywords. Well, if you don't know how, how can you credit? Its very simple.

The first step: So you've uploaded that awesome Hello Kitty Icon that fmdjgirl made just the other day, and you love it! You think she is the queen.. Yeah whatever. (lol) Well Now what do you do. Fisrt you go to the "manage your userpics" Page

The second step: Its pretty simple you need to chose a keyword for that picture, something that defines that icon to you, so when you are getting ready to post, you can chose your userpicture, and know what you're getting.

Lastly: all you need to do is type those keywords and/or credit in the correct spots. For instance you could simply type Hello Kity- thanks to fmdjgirl Of in the keywords you could type Hello Kitty and in the box labeled "COMMENTS" type <*lj user=fmdjgirl> ( minus the *)

That gives you a fully credited icon. Stress free and you can use that icon now, if its not your Default icon.

Ok so for everyone who already KNEW that, I apologize for this entry, but LOTS of you don't know that, I've looked at lots of userpic pages, of people with PAID accounts, who can't use thier pics, because they don't user keywords! Hope this entry doesn't sound patronizing, I just think its a waste of space to go without keywords.
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